My flight attendant

The TIMMswisslogger is the first intelligent data logger for paragliders,- hanggliders,- and sails in light aviation.

It offers you valuable safety by accompanying you on every flight and documenting every use of your glider. The TIMMswisslogger, is your personal, almost invisible flight attendant.

Safety relevant data are completely recorded and can be quickly accessed via app and web interface.

The TIMMswisslogger

Uniform safety standard - worldwide

The TIMMswisslogger is the only flight recorder in paragliding and hang-gliding aviation sports that measures and precisely stores all safety-relevant data of a flight. Thus, valuable information about the previous use of an aircraft can be evaluated at any time.

In addition to the usual and prescribed verification instructions, the TIMMswisslogger offers an additional, essential safety level for pilots, passengers and student pilots. Because despite numerous regulations in paragliding and hang-gliding sport, the regular checks do not provide any meaningful information about the safety level of the aircraft.

The advantages of the TIMMswisslogger

The use of the TIMMswisslogger does not influence the flight behaviour of your glider in the least, but it does bring numerous advantages - from safety to a new standard, to simple handling and evaluation via app and web interface, to additional arguments in sales talks.

The handy data logger is installed in the aircraft and enables owners, producers or dealers to access important data. It is installed according to exact specifications and functions without affecting the flight characteristics of the hang- and paraglider.

The TIMMswisslogger introduces a worldwide uniform safety standard for all pilots, producers, dealers and inspection companies. Regardless of brand and producers, dealer and inspection company, the use via app and web interface is uniform and simple.

Why - TIMMswisslogger?

For the paragliding and hang-gliding sport there are countless rules, requirements and regulations. For example, at least every 2 years or every 100 hours of flying time, a comprehensive paraglider check must be carried out by the manufacturer or inspection company. Depending on the inspection instructions, the glider will be visually checked, the lines trimmed, the canopy material measured for porosity, the risers checked, etc.

However, despite the checks and verification instructions, there are no clear, reliable data and facts that can be evaluated for the safety of pilots, passengers and flight students. This is changed by the TIMMswisslogger, which reliably documents every date, every flight and ground handling hour, thus increasing safety enormously. The data logger records precise key figures that help to evaluate the condition of the aircraft and represent an important safety and sales criterion.

The TIMMswisslogger offers a worldwide uniform safety standard for all light aviation aircraft. Together with flight supervisory authorities, associations and various organizations, we are engaged in discussions to place this standard worldwide.

How - does the TIMMswisslogger work?

At purchase, the TIMMswisslogger is already installed and activated in the aircraft.
During flight operation, all data is automatically stored in the TIMMswisslogger.
The use is easy via the app and the web interface.

What are the advantages of the TIMMswisslogger?

  • Captures all flight relevant data of the aircraft
  • firmly installed and secured against manipulation
  • Data can be evaluated easily and quickly via app and web interface
  • Ground-handling hours (mechanical stress) are registered
  • Globally uniform branding certificate
  • UV-load of the aircraft is stored
  • safety-relevant upgrading for manufacturers, pilots and passengers
  • Transparent complete data for both sellers and buyers of aircraft,
    . . . . . . . this is an important decision parameter and safety factor!
  • and much more

Get in contact with us, so you profit with TIMMswisslogger!

We are looking forward to your contact request. We would be happy to take the time to present the TIMMswisslogger to you in detail and show you its advantages.

From installation to programming of the TIMMswisslogger, you will receive everything from us first hand. Fast, simple and profitable.

You and your company profit with our technology. Let's make paragliding and hanggliding safer together!

Produkt family



    The TIMMswisslogger is installed in the paraglider in such a way that it does not affect your flight in any way. Once installed, the TIMMswisslogger automatically documents meaningful, relevant flight data and thus makes the entire paragliding sport safer.




    The TIMMswisslogger completely records the time in which a hangglider is in the air and thus makes the assessment of the safety-relevant status reliable and verifiable. This makes kite flying safer - whether in the air or when buying and selling.




    The TIMMswisslogger can provide important data about the condition and life of sails and balloons. It documents the time during which the aircraft is in the air and provides valuable data to increase safety standards.


The TIMMswisslogger variants

The TIMMswisslogger creates a new safety standard by reliably documenting every flight and ground handling hour and making safety-relevant data quickly and easily evaluable. This benefits pilots in the air, passengers of tandem flights and balloon flights as well as sellers and buyers of aircraft.

The TIMMswisslogger is designed for use in paragliders, hang gliders, sails and balloons. The device is accordingly available in the following versions:

TIMMswisslogger for paragliders

FLYsafe guard v11 – Paragliders
FLYsafe guard v21 – Paramotor gliders
FLYsafe guard v31 – Acro umbrellas
FLYsafe guard v41 – Speed Wings gliders
FLYsafe guard v51 – Kiting gliders

TIMMswisslogger for dragons

FLYsafe guard v61 – Kites / Delta

TIMMswisslogger for sails and balloons

FLYsafe guard v101 – Ballooning
FLYsafe guard v301 – Paraglider development
FLYsafe guard v609 – Industrial sails



Key facts

Get in contact with us, so you profit with TIMMswisslogger!

We are looking forward to your contact request. We would be happy to take the time to present the TIMMswisslogger to you in detail and show you its Advantages.

From installation to programming of the TIMMswisslogger, you will receive everything from us first hand. Fast, simple and profitable.

You and your company profit with our technology. Let's make the paragliding and hanggliding sport safer together!


Mark your agenda ! From Sunday 12 to Sunday 19 September 2021, in Saint Hilaire du Touvet - Lumbin. (Quelle:

In 2021, the famous Isère air sports event with 100,000 spectators takes up a new challenge : eight days of festivities instead of the usual four!

The international aerial film festival begins on Sunday September 12, and ends on Wednesday September 15.
Paragliding pilots are invited to test equipment by participating in the first Icare Test days, from monday 13 to Wednesday 15 September.
As for the general public program, it remains unchanged, from Thursday 16 to Sunday 19 September.

We present our TIMMswisslogger- FLYsafe guard to producers, distributors, retesting companies and all pilots.

Gerhard Zöhrer

#2 New flyer – TIMMswisslogger

Dear producers, dealers and inspection companies, now you can buy our brand new Flyer in zig-zag format, completely free of charge, for presentation and circulation in your company / dealer shop / inspection company.

Format: Zig-Zag
Layout: A6
Languages: German / English / French
Unit: 50 pieces each

Digital view in PDF format:

Flyer TIMMswisslogger_de.pdf

Flyer TIMMswisslogger_en.pdf

Flyer TIMMswisslogger_fr.pdf

A cooperative partnership with territorial protection opens up an additional and lucrative mainstay for you. We would be pleased to inform and advise you, completely free of charge, about your further possibilities.

We look forward to your appreciated inquiry.

Gerhard Zöhrer

#3 Important message TIMMswisslogger 2.0


the flight attendant

or more safety and economic advantages

Soon available in the latest generation!

COVID19 has presented us all with unexpected challenges, but we have used the time to further develop the TIMMswisslogger. Smaller, lighter and with an even greater range of functions: the TIMMswisslogger 2.0!

It makes our sport safer and more transparent for pilots, passengers and flight students.

This ongoing project under the name "TIMMswisslogger 2.0" is now so far advanced that a pre-series of 100 units has already been ordered.

Be one of the first to use this innovative and safety relevant system in your aircraft. Please send your request by mail via our contact form.

Gerhard Zöhrer

About us


The TIMMswisslogger is produced in Switzerland and is subject to permanent controls in order to meet the highest possible security standards. Years of experience, know-how and the demands we place on ourselves make us a trustworthy partner.

We guarantee quality, fastest possible intervention in engineering and European standardized, independently tested product quality.

With the TIMMswisslogger you have access to relevant flight data: Every date, every flight and ground handling hour is reliably documented, thus increasing security enormously.

The data logger records precise key figures that contribute to the evaluation of the aircraft and represent an important safety and sales criterion. In addition, it receives security messages from the manufacturer, owner protocol, theft protection and much more...

We maintain excellent contact with the manufacturers, offer extensive training for the dealers and check operations and we guarantee safety-relevant advantages for aviation - today and in the future.

"The fascination of paragliding is what makes up this unique feeling of freedom that has captivated me for over 25 years. For me paragliding is the most beautiful sport in the world. It is time that it also becomes more transparent and safer."

Gerhard Zöhrer
Inventor TIMMswisslogger

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